Chapter 2. The Development Environment


    Recipe 2.1.  Discovering and Using a Code Snippet

    Recipe 2.2.  Creating a New Snippet

    Recipe 2.3.  Sharing Snippets

    Recipe 2.4.  Adding Snippet Files to Visual Studio

    Recipe 2.5.  Getting an Application's Version Number

    Recipe 2.6.  Letting Visual Studio Automatically Update an Application's Version Number

    Recipe 2.7.  Setting the Startup Form for an Application

    Recipe 2.8.  Setting the Startup to a Sub Main Procedure

    Recipe 2.9.  Getting an Application's Command Line

    Recipe 2.10.  Testing an Application's Command Line

    Recipe 2.11.  Obfuscating an Application

    Recipe 2.12.  Determining if an Application Is Running in the Visual Studio Environment

    Recipe 2.13.  Accessing Environment Variables

    Recipe 2.14.  Accessing the Registry

    Recipe 2.15.  Getting System Information

    Recipe 2.16.  Getting the User's Name

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