List of Figures

Chapter 4: Hardening Your Network with Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Figure 4-1: Connecting your IDS/IPS to the network

Chapter 5: Hardening VPN and Dial-in Remote Access

Figure 5-1: Basic remote access VPN
Figure 5-2: Basic site-to-site VPN
Figure 5-3: Simple VPN redundancy
Figure 5-4: IPsec AH-formatted packet
Figure 5-5: IPsec ESP-formatted packet
Figure 5-6: AH transport mode
Figure 5-7: ESP transport mode
Figure 5-8: AH tunnel mode
Figure 5-9: ESP tunnel mode
Figure 5-10: Dial-in access network design

Chapter 6: Hardening Your Routers and Switches

Figure 6-1: Private VLAN scenario

Chapter 7: Securing the Network with Content Filters

Figure 7-1: Gateway integrated server-based content-filtering solution
Figure 7-2: Standalone content-based filtering solution
Figure 7-3: Top Categories by Hits report
Figure 7-4: User Destination Summary report

Chapter 9: Implementing AAA

Figure 9-1: 802.1x network device roles

Chapter 10: Hardening Your Network with Network Management

Figure 10-1: Ethereal Capture of IPSec Traffic

Chapter 11: Implementing a Secure Perimeter

Figure 11-1: Multi- homed firewall DMZ without redundacy
Figure 11-2: Multi-honed firewall firewall DMZ with redundancy
Figure 11-3: Dual-firewall DMZ
Figure 11-4: Dual-firewall DMZ with redundancy
Figure 11-5: Redundant Internet module
Figure 11-6: Traffic flow between the internal network and the Internet
Figure 11-7: VPN/remote access module
Figure 11-8: WAN module
Figure 11-9: Extranet access module
Figure 11-10: Wireless access module
Figure 11-11: E-commerce access module
Figure 11-12: E-commerce traffic flow

Chapter 12: Implementing a Secure Interior

Figure 12-1: Private VLANs
Figure 12-2: Three-tiered design hierarchy
Figure 12-3: The enterprise campus
Figure 12-4: Server module
Figure 12-5: Management module

Chapter 13: Auditing: Performing a Security Review

Figure 13-1: The CERT websites main page
Figure 13-2: Symantec main page
Figure 13-3: TCP three-way handshake
Figure 13-4: Ethereal capture
Figure 13-5: Nessus HTML Report Main Screen
Figure 13-6: Nessus HTML Report Statistics
Figure 13-7: Nessus HTML Report Security Risk Proportion
Figure 13-8: Nessus HTML Report Details

Chapter 14: Managing Changes to Your Environment

Figure 14-1: The change control process flow
Figure 14-2: Emergency change management

Chapter 17: Incident Response

Figure 17-1: Incident response process flow

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