Chapter 6. Code Generation

Developing enterprise software requires a mixture of two mindsets: the creative and the mundane. The creative mindset calls for software engineers to apply their expertise to the task of building reliable, scaleable solutions. For the mundane, however, software engineers must resign themselves to the drudgery of the many repetitive tasks that are an all too common part of enterprise software development.

Code generation methods offer a means of delivering enterprise solutions extremely rapidly by reducing the mundane, repetitive tasks developers face. Consequently, code generators have tremendous potential for rapid development projects, and if used correctly, they can both shorten development timeframes and improve software quality and accuracy. Moreover, code generation can also make the software development process a far more enjoyable experience by freeing developers of routine tasks, enabling them to focus their attention on building better solutions.

This chapter discusses the different approaches to code generation and looks at best practices for applying code generation techniques to the development of enterprise software for the J2EE platform. Specifically, we cover a new programming paradigm, attribute-oriented programming, and explore how this and other code generation techniques can deliver higher developer productivity and more accurate software, and can help make the project team significantly more agile.

To achieve this aim, this chapter covers the following areas:

  • The different types of code generators and the benefits they provide

  • Apache's Velocity template engine for building custom code wizards

  • Attribute-oriented programming for simplifying the development of J2EE components using XDoclet

  • The issues involved in making code generation techniques part of the development process

Collectively, we'll see how the many facets of code generation can facilitate an adaptive approach to software development.

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