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Mac OS 9, xvi
     scripting additions
Mac::Glue (Perl module) 2nd
machine class
     object string specifier
     specifying dynamically
     XML-RPC or SOAP server
Macintosh Connectivity Classes
Macintosh line break (\r)
     result returned to Unix
     return global property
Macintosh pathname
macro program
MacRoman encoding 2nd
     create email message
     create signature
     run script in response to new mail 2nd
     Script menu
     selection (text), not implemented
mail, run script on arrival of
mailing lists about scripting
Mailsmith 2nd 3rd
     dictionary comments excellent
make command
     optional parameters listed wrongly
March (constant)
May (constant)
McGath, Gary
me keyword
     can't continue error, cure for
     giving top-level script a name 2nd
     inheritance and
     polymorphism and
     script (object) represented by
     targeting script 2nd
     terminology clash, relationship to 2nd
measurement units 2nd
menus, applet 2nd
     handler call and command
     handler call sends to target
     script object
     sending is primary act of AppleScript
     which can be sent to which classes 2nd
methods, built-in (Cocoa)
     calling from AppleScript 2nd
microphone window
middle (element specifier)
min monitor depth command
minus sign (-), subtraction and unary negation
minutes (date property)
minutes (global property)
Miscellaneous Suite
missing value
     returning from Cocoa to AppleScript
mod operator
Monday (constant)
     name of
month (date property)
mount volume command
mouse and keyboard, simulating
movie, QuickTime, AppleScript in
MultiAd Creator
multiple words, terms consisting of 2nd
multitasking, cooperative
music CD appeared event handler
mutation 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
     list 2nd
         repeat with . . . in
         string, instead of
my (synonym for of me)
MySQL database

AppleScript. The Definitive Guide
AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 0596102119
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 267
Authors: Matt Neuburg

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