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About This Mac command  
       grayed out filters  
       online services  
       Web sites
               Internet Explorer   2nd   3rd   4th  
       creating multiple user accounts  
       groups   2nd  
               setting up  
       multiuser accounts   2nd  
               adding/deleting   2nd   3rd  
               logging in   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
               remote access  
       root accounts  
       setting up   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
       setup fields  
accounts (Mail)
       authenticated SMTP  
Accounts preference  
       AppleTalk   2nd   3rd  
       FTP Access service   2nd  
       Menu Extras (Mac OS X)  
       Personal File Sharing   2nd   3rd  
       Personal Web Sharing   2nd  
       Remote Login service   2nd   3rd  
        Windows File Sharing (Samba)   2nd   3rd  
Add Favorites command  
Add Noise filter (Photoshop Elements)  
Add Page to Favorites command (Favorites menu)   2nd  
       computer files
               DVDs   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th  
               FireWire ports  
               USB ports  
       DVD folders   2nd   3rd  
               video clips   2nd  
       email accounts   2nd   3rd   4th  
       Fade In transition (iMovie)   2nd  
       iTunes audio to iMovie   2nd  
       movie titles   2nd   3rd   4th  
       multiuser accounts  
       noise (Photoshop Elements)  
       picture files to DVDs  
       printers   2nd   3rd  
               movie titles   2nd  
               video clips   2nd  
       user accounts
               administrator responsibilities   2nd   3rd  
       video clips
               Clip Viewer (iMovie)   2nd  
Address Book  
               adding   2nd   3rd  
               editing   2nd  
       integrating with Mail utility   2nd  
       integration with iChat  
       LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)  
               rules   2nd  
addresses (IP)  
addresses (Mail)
       AutoComplete option  
Adjust Backlighting tool (Photoshop Elements)  
Adjust Brightness/Contrast, Brightness/Contrast commands (Photoshop Elements)  
Adjust Color, Remove Color command (Photoshop Elements)  
Adjust Colors effect (iMovie)
       color variations  
               with Color Cast Correction  
               with Hue/Saturation command   2nd   3rd  
       movie titles   2nd   3rd   4th  
       video buttons   2nd  
       volume in iMovie   2nd   3rd  
adjusting.   [See editing]
adjustment layers  
       adding   2nd  
adjustment layers masks
       modifying   2nd  
adjustment thumbnail  
admin users
       local security   2nd  
administrator account   2nd  
administrator accounts
               adding/deleting   2nd   3rd  
administrator passwords
Adobe Color Picker  
Adobe Web site   2nd  
Advanced menu commands (iMovie)  
       security concerns  
AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)
       instant messaging feature  
airline trave information
       configuring   2nd  
       Wi-Fi standard  
       wireless network configuration   2nd  
AirPort Base Station  
AirPort interface  
       creating   2nd  
Alien Skin Software Web site  
All Layers option (Photoshop Elements)  
Alsoft Web site  
anchor proxies
       canvas resizing  
Andromeda Software  
Angle option (Motion Blur dialog box)  
Angle style (gradients)  
Antialiased option (Photoshop Elements)  
       launching (Dock)  
Apple Color Picker  
Apple CRT display  
Apple iDisk
       Internet backup storage  
Apple iTools Web site  
Apple menu   2nd  
Apple menu commands (Finder)   2nd  
Apple Web site  
       DVD player compatability Web site
       iPhoto USB compatability list  
AppleCare channel (Sherlock utility)  
       activating   2nd   3rd  
       Ethernet configuration  
application icons
Application menu
               selecting   2nd  
applications   [See also utilities]2nd   [See also utilities]
       adding to Dock  
       application unexpectedly quits message
               troubleshooting   2nd   3rd  
       Chess game
               preferences   2nd  
       compressed files
               opening   2nd  
       creating aliases for   2nd  
               customizing   2nd  
               Trash Can  
        docked applications  
       docked files  
       docked folders  
       docked windows  
       DVD Player  
               file system   2nd   3rd   4th  
               Finder window  
               Show Info window  
       Finder (Mac OS X)
               status bar  
       Finder Preferences   2nd  
       FTP applications  
               Battle Cocoa  
               installing   2nd  
       installing   2nd   3rd  
       installing on multiuser system  
       launching   2nd  
       launching in Classic environment   2nd   3rd  
       Mac OS X compared to Classic   2nd  
       online resources  
       Print Center
               launching   2nd  
               printer configuration  
       quitting (Cmd-Q)  
       quitting (Force Quit utility)   2nd  
       removing from Dock  
       system freezes
               Force Quit feature   2nd  
Applications command  
Applications folder  
               Adjust Colors (iMovie)  
               Brightness/Contrast (iMovie)   2nd  
       global light  
       gradients   2nd   3rd  
       layer styles
               text   2nd  
       Unsharp Mask filter (Photoshop Elements)  
Arch command  
architecture (Mac OS X)   2nd   3rd  
archive files
       opening   2nd  
Arrange command  
artistic filters  
aspect ratio  
auction items
audio   [See also sound]2nd   3rd   [See also sound]
       adjusting volume in iMovie   2nd   3rd  
       crop markers  
       extracting from video clips  
       Internet Radio   2nd  
       iTunes   2nd   3rd  
               CD burning   2nd  
               configuring   2nd  
               MP3 ripping   2nd  
               player controls   2nd  
       locking to video clips   2nd  
       manipulating in iMovie  
        repositioning in iMovie  
       splitting in iMovie  
audio playback (iMovie)  
audio sources (iMovie)   2nd   3rd   4th  
audio tracks (iMovie)   2nd  
authenticated SMTP  
       software installations  
Auto Color Correction command (Photoshop Elements)  
Auto Contrast (Photoshop Elements)   2nd  
Auto Erase option (Pencil tool)  
Auto Levels (Photoshop Elements)   2nd   3rd   4th  
AutoComplete option (Mail)  
automatic backups  
Automatic Correction tools (Photoshop Elements)  
       Auto Contrast   2nd  
       Auto Levels   2nd   3rd   4th  
automatic scanning
       hard drive repairs  
automatic updates (software)  
average key
       tonal ranges  

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