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Ultra-Wideband Communications: Fundamentals and Applications
By Faranak Nekoogar
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Pub Date: August 31, 2005
ISBN: 0-13-146326-8
Pages: 240

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   Prentice Hall Communications Engineering and Emerging Technologies Series
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        Chapter 1.  Introduction to Ultra-Wideband Communications
      Section 1.1.  Introduction
      Section 1.2.  History and Background
      Section 1.3.  UWB Concepts
      Section 1.4.  UWB Signals
      Section 1.5.  Advantages
      Section 1.6.  Challenges
      Section 1.7.  Differences Between UWB and Spread Spectrum
      Section 1.8.  Single Band vs. Multiband
      Section 1.9.  The Regulatory Situation
      Section 1.10.  FCC Emission Limits
      Section 1.11.  UWB Applications
      Section 1.12.  Summary
        Chapter 2.  UWB Sources and Antennas
      Section 2.1.  Introduction
      Section 2.2.  UWB Pulse Generation
      Section 2.3.  UWB Antennas
      Section 2.4.  Summary
        Chapter 3.  Pulse-Detection and Multiple-Access Techniques
      Section 3.1.  Introduction
      Section 3.2.  Conventional Pulse-Detection Techniques
      Section 3.3.  Pulse Modulation and Detection Techniques
      Section 3.4.  UWB Multiple-Access Techniques
      Section 3.5.  Summary
        Chapter 4.  Interference Issues
      Section 4.1.  Introduction
      Section 4.2.  Interference Effects on IEEE 802.11a/b WLANs
      Section 4.3.  Interference to GPS Receivers
      Section 4.4.  Interference to Cellular Systems
      Section 4.5.  Summary
        Chapter 5.  Applications and Target Markets
      Section 5.1.  Introduction
      Section 5.2.  Initial Mass Market Opportunities
      Section 5.3.  Speed-to-Market Advantages
      Section 5.4.  Driving CE, PC, and Mobile Industry Convergence
      Section 5.5.  Existing Potential Markets
      Section 5.6.  Target Consumer Electronics Products
      Section 5.7.  Target PC-Oriented Markets
      Section 5.8.  UWB in Consumer Electronics Devices
      Section 5.9.  UWB for PC-Oriented Applications
      Section 5.10.  Future Mass Market
      Section 5.11.  Adoption Timeline
      Section 5.12.  Additional and Niche Markets
      Section 5.13.  UWB Market Players
      Section 5.14.  Summary
        Appendix A.  Theoretical Derivations of UWB Interference Effects on Existing Radio Systems
      Section A.1.  802.11a/b WLAN Systems
      Section A.2.  GPS Receivers
      Section A.3.  CDMA-Based Cellular Systems

ULTRA Wideband Communications. Fundamentals and Application
Ultra-Wideband Communications: Fundamentals and Applications
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