Grae s LODs

Grae's LODs

For Grae's LOD work, you'll be taking over.

Load in the file you created earlier, Grae_Pose.mb.

The main Grae model is 5174 polygons, so generate levels of detail at around the following polygon limits: 4000, 1500, 750, 350, and 150. He is a much larger character than Kila, so he will need an extra LOD.

Remember that each LOD will be roughly twice the distance away from the camera as the next-higher one, so keep zooming out to that level to check your progress.

Here are a few areas to consider:

  • Grae's teeth and claws hold a lot of polygons and will ultimately not be seen from a distance. Try removing the back faces from his teeth first.

  • If you are struggling to meet your LOD limits, consider removing the wings completely when he is far from the camerabut this is something you'd want to check out with your manager first.

  • Remember to consider the hands for reduction as well as the limbs. Their need to deform correctly fades, the farther they get from the camera.

When finished, save your work as Grae_LOD_Prep.mb. You can see Grae's LODs in Figure 10.57.

Figure 10.57. Grae's levels of detail

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