Section 17.7. Key Issues: Asterisk Reference

17.7. Key Issues: Asterisk Reference

  • Asterisk uses text-based configuration files. Almost all of them ( zaptel.conf is in /etc ) are found in /etc/asterisk

  • Variables, pattern matching, and string chopping can be used to control call flows

  • Contexts define related groups of extensions based on time of day, the identity of the caller, or the channel used to originate the call

  • SIP and Zaptel channels are the most common, and best supported, types of channels supported by Asterisk

  • There are dozens and dozens of dial-plan commands, some with very sophisticated syntax, that you can use in extensions.conf . These commands define the telephony experience of the system users

  • The Asterisk CLI is used to monitor and maintain the system.

  • Asterisk CLI commands can be issued with shell and Perl scripts by running the Asterisk program in client mode and passing the CLI commands with the -r -x options

  • Asterisk can be integrated with other systems using AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) and the Asterisk Manager API

Switching to VoIP
Switching to VoIP
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