Appendix B: System Message Tokens

There are numerous effective resources that bring value to the development or business aspects of using DotNetNuke. Table A-1 describes a number of great developer tools, many of which are used by the DotNetNuke community and Core Team members. Some of these developer tools are free and others have fees.

Table A-1: Developer Tools



Beyond Compare by Scooter Software

Helpful for comparing files and folders to identify changes in code and to keep directories in synch.

Reflector for .NET by Lutz Roeder

A class browser for .NET assemblies. It includes call and called graphs, code viewers for IL, Visual Basic, Delphi, and C#, dependency trees, and more.

Nunit by James W. Newkirk, Michael C. Two, Alexei A. Vorontsov, Philip A. Craig, and Charlie Poole

A powerful unit-testing framework for all .NET languages. It is a port of the Unit Java utility.

SQL Backup by Red-Gate

Creates compressed, encrypted and secured backups of SQL Server databases on user-defined schedules.

SQL Compare by Red-Gate

Compares the structures of Microsoft SQL Server databases and generates scripts to synchronize the databases objects.

SQL Data Compare by Red-Gate

Compares the data in Microsoft SQL Server databases and generates scripts to synchronize the data.

ANTS Profiler by Red-Gate

A code and memory profiler for applications writing in any .NET language.

ANTS Load by Red-Gate

Load tests web sites and web services.

FileZilla by Tim Kosse

A great open-source FTP client.

CodeSmith by Eric J. Smith

A commercial template-based code generator. It can generate code for any ASCII-based language, including .NET.

CodeSmith Templates for DotNetNuke 3.0 by Vicenç Masanas

A great collection of CodeSmith templates that help you create business controllers, business objects, stored procedures, data providers, and SQLData Provider code very quickly.

ATGen SDK for DotNetNuke by AppTheory

This SDK, based on the commercial code generator MyGeneration, enables developers to quickly create modules and the associated data access layers. It generates the DAL, UI, Business Logic Layer, and installation items required for any module

FXCop by Microsoft

Analyzes .NET-managed code assemblies to verify that they conform to the Microsoft .NET Framework Design Guidelines.

SnagIt by TechSmith

A terrific tool for taking screenshots. It can even take screen captures of scrolling windows (like long web pages).

Araxis Merge by Araxis LTD

An advanced file comparison and merging tool with integrated folder comparison and synchronization. It allows for two-way or three-way comparisons.

SourceGear Vault by Araxis LTD

Vault is the source control tool used by the Core Team. It is a fantastic source control tool for a distributed development team.

Draco.NET by Chive Software Limited

A Windows service application that facilitates continuous integration. It monitors your source code repository, rebuilds your project, and e-mails the results automatically.

Cruise Control .NET by ThoughtWorks

A powerful open source Automated Continuous Integration server, implemented using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Gemini by CounterSoft

Comprehensive issue, task, and defect management tracking for multiple projects. Generous support of open-source, non-profit, and academic use.

Camtasia Studio by TechSmith

A robust application for easily creating compelling training and presentations for Web and CD-ROM delivery.

Table A-2 describes several useful custom third-party modules. As of the date of the publication of this book, several of these modules are free. Because DotNetNuke 4 is a relatively new release, there aren't many DotNetNuke 4.0-only modules on the market yet, but the Core Team went to great lengths to ensure that modules developed for the DotNetNuke 3.x versions still function on the new 4.0 version.

Table A-2: Modules



Aggregator — Tabbed Modules by DNN Stuff

Acts as a tabbed container for one or more modules.

Enterprise Forms by ethuongmai

Designed to enable an average DNN user to create and manage forms and content without any knowledge of HTML or DNN custom-module development.

DNNPhoto Gallery by Dave Wilson

Highly configurable professional photo gallery that offers a "lite" version as well as a free trial download.

Active Forums by ActiveModules

Feature-packed forum module that provides built-in conversion utilities for Adverageous and the DNN Core forum.

Module Wrapper by ZLDNN

Enables you to combine multiple modules into a single container using a table format that permits row and column spanning.

SQLView by DNN Stuff

Displays the results from any SQL query in tabular format.

Multi Page Content by BonoSoft

Shows multiple pages of content within a single module. It is helpful for displaying long articles and tutorials in a condensed format.

DnnBB by Bonosoft and Nimo Software

An open-source bulletin board/forum module that is easy to install and use.

Speerio File Manager Pro v3.0 by Speerio, Inc.

Provides enhanced file-management capabilities for DotNetNuke portals, including multi-server file management, customizable meta data, WebDAV and photo/audio/video content, and metadata management.

Speerio Community Studio v1.0 by Speerio, Inc.

Integrated solution for community-centric DotNetNuke portals, providing collaborative file and media sharing, blogging, calendar, forum, chat, and an advanced folksonomy engine that helps users quickly and easily locate information.

Private Messages by Scott McCulloch

A module that enables you to send private messages to other users of a portal.

Simple Gallery by Scott McCulloch

Allows photos to be uploaded, thumbnailed, and displayed. Advanced functionality includes approval of photos, albums, bulk upload, search integration, and syndication via RSS.

Swirl AJAX Chatroom by Swirlhost

Simple but fast, customizable chatroom client based on AJAX technology.

InfoMap by Vicenç Masanas

Dynamically displays information on a picture. It can position user contact lists on a map. InfoMap presents a clickable map with "hot" areas where some information has been entered. When you click in any given area, the list of contacts for this area is displayed.

TemplatePrint, PagePrint by Vicenç Masanas

Skin objects to enhance the printing capabilities of DNN. You can define skins and containers for the printing.

Podcaster by Arrow Consulting & Design, Inc.

Publish single or multiple episode podcasts optimized for iTunes. RSS 2.0 compliant.

Help Desk by DnnToolset

Powerful, easy-to-use system for the management and tracking of help system tickets. Feed by Oliver Hine

Provides an instant weather forecast for any site using a feed from (requires free signup as a partner).

Email Management by Jason Koskimaki

Open source e-mail and newsletter management module that can perform scheduled mailing and logging.

MMLinks by Mauricio Maurquez

Template-based links module with extensive support for localization, role-based access, custom CSS, and JavaScript effects.

HrefExchanger by Anthony Glenright

Automatically swaps outgoing DotNetNuke URLs for friendly URLs, and incoming friendly URLs for DotNetNuke URLs (requires IIS configuration).

XMod by Kelly Ford

Highly configurable and extensible form builder that can be leveraged to create applications without the use of traditional programming.

ListX by bi4ce

Powerful presentation/reporting engine that builds fully functional, hierarchical views of data. ListX modules can interact with one another, each configured to perform complex display logic and runtime actions.

Projects are the newest addition to the DotNetNuke offerings and all the core modules have now been broken out into their own subprojects. This allows the module projects to release new versions of the modules as they are ready without needing to wait for a core framework release. You can read the latest news on the various module projects and download the latest releases from the DotNetNuke web site.

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