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From within Picasa, you can generate email messages that include picture attachments from your Picasa library. It doesn't matter whether the attached photos have been edited with Picasa or are unaltered originals.

Select the picture(s) you want to send, adding them to the Picture Tray.

Click the Email button (at the bottom of the screen), choose File > E-Mail, or press .

If Let me choose each time I send pictures is checked in the Options dialog box (shown above), the Select Email dialog box appears.

A message is generated in the selected email program. All images in the Picture Tray are attached to or embedded in the message, depending on the settings in the Options dialog box. Specify the message recipient(s), edit the default text as necessary, and send the message.

If you have a Hello account (see Chapter 10), you can use Picasa Mail to send photos. On the Picasa Mail login screen, enter your Hello user name and password.

    team bbl

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