Chapter 10. Ongoing Maintenance: Fend Off Future Threats

Chapter 10. Ongoing Maintenance: Fend Off Future Threats!

In this chapter

  • Update Your Antivirus and Anti-Spyware Signatures

  • How Often Should You Scan for Spyware and Viruses?

  • Why You Should Check for Firefox Updates Weekly

  • How to Check for Microsoft Updates

  • Why You Should Wipe Your Hard Drive Clean and Re-install Windows

The advice in this book is going to make your computer more secure than it ever was before. But just because your system is now malware-resistant doesn't mean it will be forever. You'll need to do a little ongoing maintenance. So in this chapter I'll show you what to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to keep your computer free of computer nasties.

Absolute Beginners Guide To. Security, Spam, Spyware & Viruses
Absolute Beginners Guide to Security, Spam, Spyware & Viruses
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Year: 2005
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