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Tricks of the Podcasting Masters
By Robert Walch, Mur Lafferty
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: May 22, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-7897-3574-1
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3574-4
Pages: 384

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   About the Authors
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    Part I:  Laying Your Foundation
        Chapter 1.  A Brief History of Podcasting
      Independent Podcaster Resources
      iTunes Enters the Playing Field
      David Versus Goliath?
        Chapter 2.  What the Pros are Doing
      Popular Podcasts
        Chapter 3.  Podcast Genres
      Comedy CastsShock Jocks, Skits, Standup...
      Couple Casts
      Godcasts: Religious and Spiritual Podcasts
      The Interview Cast
      Radio Dramas
      Tech Podcasts
      The Written Word
      Others Genres
        Chapter 4.  Finding Your Passion
      Why Passion Matters
      Passion Pitfalls
      Why We Podcast
    Part II:  Refining Your Podcast and Your Skills
        Chapter 5.  Getting Started
      Choosing a Title
      Your Intro
        Chapter 6.  Your "Script"
      Outline or Free Form
      Editing Versus Live
      Time Limits
        Chapter 7.  The Art of the Interview
      Finding Guests
      Prep Work for Live Interviews
      Using Skype and Other VoIP Services
      Face-to-Face Interviews
      Time-Shifted Interviews
      Interview Flow
        Chapter 8.  MusicIssues and Sources
      Licensing Madness
      Free Music Services
      Local Indie Music
      Playing Your Own Music
        Chapter 9.  The Audible Written Word
      What Writing Is Podcasted
      Copyright Concerns
      Does Giving Your Work Away Increase Sales?
      Concern for Production Value
      Addressing the Written Word
        Chapter 10.  The Great Editing Debate
      Why You Should Edit
      Why You Shouldn't Edit
      Listen Before You Upload
        Chapter 11.  Keeping the Podcast Consistent
      Maintaining a Consistent Release Schedule
      Keeping the Format Consistent
      Consistent Volume Levels
        Chapter 12.  You're Nothing Without Your Audience
      Using Forums to Interact with Listeners
      Soliciting Listener Feedback
      Incorporating Your Audience
      Your Show Notes Are Your Podcast's Map
    Part III:  Marketing and Promotion
        Chapter 13.  Using Your Site as a Marketing Tool
      Your Choices
      You, the Producer
        Chapter 14.  Using Promos to Hype Your Podcast
      Why Promos Are Necessary
        Chapter 15.  Getting the Word Out
      When to Promote
      Voting Sites
      Podcast Networks
      Community Building
      Podcasting Directories
        Chapter 16.  How to Find Newbie Listeners
      Contacting Local Media
      Press Releases
      Online Message Boards and Forums
      craigslist and Other Boards
      Guerilla Marketing Tricks
        Chapter 17.  Business Planning
      Balancing the Costs
      Personal Podcasts
      Corporate and Small Business Podcasts
        Chapter 18.  Generating Revenue
      Tracking Stats and Getting Listener Info
      Creating a Media Kit
      Advertising and Sponsorship
      Joining Affiliate Programs
      Selling Swag
      Tip Jar
      Premium Feeds
      Unique and Interesting Methods
        Chapter 19.  Podcasting as a Marketing Tool
      Business in General
      Movies, TV, and Radio
      Churches and Nonprofits
      Nongovernmental Organizations
      Government Agencies
      Where to Go from Here
        Appendix A.  Microphone and Voice Tips
      Get to Know Your Microphone
      Situate Yourself Comfortably
      Whom Are You Talking To?
      Don't Be Afraid to Start Over
      Watch Those Levels
      If Editing, Mark Your File When You Mess Up
      Join Toastmasters
        Appendix B.  Creative Commons Explained
        Appendix C.  Websites for More Information
      Podcasting News and Reviews

Tricks of the Podcasting Masters
Tricks of the Podcasting Masters
ISBN: 0789735741
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 162

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