What is Programming?

As a new programmer, it is important for you to:

  • Know that programming is an art which training can improve upon but that you can not become a programmer unless programming is an art that you were given as a human being.

  • Know the company you work for and the internal politics which is as important as the computer concept that you will use.

  • Know and to be able to converse with the business clients, the users and other stakeholders for whom the program is being developed.

  • Know the field for which the program is going to be developed.

  • Know that software is:

    • a computer program (i.e. code)

    • the procedures for using the code

    • the documentation which describes the reasons for creating it, describes the code, and describes how to use it.

    • data to run the code on to test all possibilities

But what is most important for you is the need to: "Know thyself" and you need to ask yourself

  • How do I approach problems?

  • How do I work with others?

  • Which of the 5 phases of software life cycle that will be discussed below do I enjoy most and which do I do well in?

Intermediate Business Programming with C++
Intermediate Business Programming with C++
ISBN: 738453099
Year: 2007
Pages: 142

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