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define value lists p. 102

  • When creating a custom value list, FileMaker will not sort it for you. It must be entered in the order you want it to appear.

  • Value lists are reusable. You can attach a value list to as many fields as necessary.

transaction buttons p. 105

  • A check box at the bottom of the Button Setup dialog box determines whether the cursor changes into a pointing hand when passed over the button (mimicking cursor behavior in a Web browser).

  • The reason for matching the right edges of the Sort and Tab buttons is because these objects define the right edge of their layouts. As long as they all match, the Adjust Window (Resize to Fit) script step will hold the database window's width constant.

Main Header buttons p. 108

  • The inclusion of Blank icon.tif in the icons is so you can create your own matching buttons, if you wish. For instance, you might want to create ones for the Delete Record and Sort buttons on the transaction layouts.

tab panel buttons p. 110

  • When placing fields and portals on the tab panels, you might not have left room for the button. If necessary, you can move fields closer to the top of the tab panel or reduce the portal's height.

Prev/Next buttons p. 111

  • When working in the Main layout, you'll sometimes find that you've used the Book icon for navigation. (Everyone makes mistakes, right?) To display the correct tab for the current record, click the Tab button.

Go to Tab script p. 112

  • To make it easier to find steps when building a script in the Edit Script dialog box, select a different display option from the View drop-down list.

  • If a step is out of order, you can change its position by clicking the double-arrow that precedes it in the script and dragging up or down to the desired position.

create more scripts p. 116

  • Any sort field can be ascending, descending, or based on a value list. Every sort that uses the Account Type field is a custom sort based on the Account Type value list; all others are ascending.

  • For scripts that include Account Type and Description as sort fields, ensure that the former is designated as a custom sort and the latter is ascending.

  • When a field name is presented as name::field, the name:: portion is the table in which the field is located.

  • Use the Paste without style option for the Paste step when you want the pasted text to take on the target field's formatting.

  • To edit criteria for a Perform Find step, click Specify and double-click the item in the Specify Find Requests dialog box. Select the item in the upper part of the Edit Find Request dialog box, change the criterion in the bottom half, click Change, and click OK.

Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8. Visual QuickProject Guide
Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8: Visual QuickProject Guide
ISBN: 0321414837
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Year: 2005
Pages: 115

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