define value lists

A value list is a list of data values you can link to a field. The most common use for a value list is to provide a series of choices for the user, formatted as a drop-down list, menu, radio buttons, or check boxes. Value list examples include yes and no, a list of accepted credit cards or shipping methods, and the days of the week. Investment Minder uses two value lists: Account Type and Yes/No.

Account Type. This list will contain the names of the four account types and will serve two purposes. First, by attaching it to the Account Type field on the Main layout, we can ensure that only these four text strings can be entered for the field and that there's no chance of spelling errors from one record to the next. Second, since you can use a value list as a sort specification, the Account Summary Report can be arranged in an order that matches the tab panels in Main (rather than just listing its sections alphabetically).

Choose File > Define > Value Lists. In the Define Value Lists dialog box, click New. The Edit Value List dialog box appears.

Click OK to return to the Define Value Lists dialog box.

Yes/No. This value list will be attached to the Taxable field (found at the top of the Main layout). The process of creating this value list is identical to that presented for Account Type.

Name the new list Yes/No. Select Use custom values; enter the following values: Yes, No, ?; and click OK.

Taxable field. Switch to Layout mode (View > Layout Mode), select Main from the layouts pop-up menu, and double-click the Taxable field.

Note: Radio buttons are mutually exclusive choices; that is, the user can select only one radio button for a given record.

Account Type field. On the Main layout, double-click the Account Type field (to the right of the Taxable field).

In the Field/Control Setup dialog box, select Drop-down List from the Display as drop-down list and Account Type from the Display values from drop-down list. Click OK.

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