Chapter27.Extending Flash

Chapter 27. Extending Flash


  • Why Extend Flash?

  • Commands

  • XML-to-UI Controls

  • Creating Behaviors

  • Creating Your Own Panels

  • Creating Custom Tools

  • Creating Custom Effects

  • File I/O in JSFL

Back in Flash MX 2004, Macromedia was not satisfied with just creating a better IDE and leaving it at that. They introduced the capability for any user to extend the authoring environment using the Extensibility layer.

The Extensibility layer allows users to create custom tools and panels as well as personalized commands, behaviors, and effects. Most of this is accomplished with either the JavaScript Flash Language (JSFL) or using XML-driven GUI interfaces.

To go over every individual piece of code that JSFL has and every way to use it is beyond the scope of this chapter. But this chapter does cover each item that can be built in the Extensibility layer, and goes over some basic uses of JSFL and the XML-to-UI interface.

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