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Chapter 1: Language Overview

Table 1-1: Fundamental Types

Table 1-2: Numeric Operators

Table 1-3: Logical Operators

Table 1-4: Comparison Operators

Table 1-5: String Operators

Table 1-6: Conversion Operators

Chapter 3: Fundamental Types

Table 3-1: Fundamental Types

Table 3-2: Conversion Operators

Chapter 5: Operators

Table 5-1: Operator Precedence

Table 5-2: Arithmetic Operators

Table 5-3: Comparison Operators

Chapter 7: Exceptions

Table 7-1: Common Exception Types

Chapter 15: Attributes

Table 15-1 : AttributeTargets Values

Appendix A: Runtime Functions

Table A-1: FileSystem Equivalents

Table A-2: Numeric Predefined Formats

Table A-3: Date/Time Predefined Formats

Table A-4: Other Predefined Formats

Table A-5: Numeric User-Defined Format Characters

Table A-6: Date/Time User-Defined Format Characters

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The Visual Basic .NET Programming Language
The Visual Basic .NET Programming Language
ISBN: 0321169514
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 173
Authors: Paul Vick

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