CiscoWorks LMS Overview

CiscoWorks is a family of tools for network and device management. LMS is useful for providing switched network discovery, configuration, data path tracing, and LAN performance management on both device and network levels.

LMS comprises several applications. They are discussed in the following sections.

Campus Manager

Campus Manager is used for managing Cisco-based switched networks. Components of this application include:

  • Intelligent discovery and display of Layer 2 networks.

  • Configuration of virtual LAN, LAN Emulation, and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) services.

  • Path trace tool for diagnosing connectivity problems.

  • Location of information on users is based on MAC address, IP address, NT or NetWare Directory Services login, and physical connections to the network.

  • Tracking of phone handset to IP, MAC address, and switch port.

Device Fault Manager

The Device Fault Manager (DFM) gives real-time fault analysis. DFM monitors Cisco networks for numerous fault conditions. It then analyzes these conditions and notifies the network administrator when faults occur.

DFM monitors numerous problems at both the device and VLAN levels using Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) polling and the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Information Base (MIB) survey. It also analyzes Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices, checking to determine which ports are members of specific VLANs.

Resource Manager Essentials

Resource Manager Essentials (RME) simplifies network management by automatically performing a number of tedious tasks including:

  • Building a network inventory.

  • Monitoring and reporting hardware and configuration changes.

  • Managing and deploying configuration changes and software updates to devices.

  • Simplifying monitoring and troubleshooting of LAN resources.

  • Managing the VPN with VPN-specific management tools.


CiscoView provides dynamic status, statistics, and configuration data for Cisco devices. CiscoView allows you to access detailed device information, examine graphical views of devices with color-coded status information, and utilize browser access to configuration and monitoring tools.

CiscoWorks Management Server

The CiscoWorks Server provides the essential management components, services, and security tools for the suite of CiscoWorks tools. It is also essential for integrating with other Cisco and third-party applications.

Common Services

CiscoWorks Common Services provides a universal collection of management services that are used by other CiscoWorks applications. Applications in CiscoWorks rely on Common Services for functionality. It allows them to share a common structure for services such as data storage, navigation, and security protocols. Common Services also allows information to be shared between CiscoWorks products.

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