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Chapter 4: Getting Connected

Table 4-1: ODBC to OLE DB Provider Connection String Arguments
Table 4-2: SQL Server Provider (SQLOLEDB) Connect String Arguments
Table 4-3: ODBC "Extended" property arguments for SQL Server 7.0.
Table 4-4: OLEDB_Services Options Registry Settings
Table 4-5: OLEDB_Services ConnectionString Arguments

Chapter 5: ADO Command Strategies

Table 5-1: Valid CommandType property settings
Table 5-2: SQL Server data type and the correct ADO-enumerated datatype constants
Table 5-3: CommandType options
Table 5-4: Server-side Read-only/Forward-only Cursors
Table 5-5: Server-side Keyset/Optimistic Cursors
Table 5-6: Client-side Static/Optimistic Cursors
Table 5-7: Client-side Static/Batch Optimistic Cursors

Chapter 6: Recordset Strategies

Table 6-1: Field Attributes Property enumerations
Table 6-2: Determining what data modification features your provider "supports" using Supports method constants
Table 6-3: Determining what scrolling and positioning features your provider "supports" using Supports method constants
Table 6-4: Resync method optional arguments
Table 6-5: Update Queries: Server-side, optimistic locking
Table 6-6: Update Queries: Client-side, batch optimistic locking
Table 6-7: UpdateBatch arguments
Table 6-8: Recordset Status constants
Table 6-9: Filter enumerations to support Recordset updates
Table 6-10: Update Resync property enumerations

Chapter 7: Manipulating Your Recordset

Table 7-1: Handling parameters using the Call syntax


ADO Examples and Best Practices
Ado Examples and Best Practices
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