Creating Audio CDs

If you have a collection of MP3s or Ogg files, you might consider making your own compilation audio CD. To do this, you'll obviously need a CD-R/RW drive, but other than that, all the software you need is built into SUSE Linux and is very easy to use.

The program that will do all this for you is K3b. This generally mirrors the look and feel of the Nero CD burning program under Windows, as you can see in Figure 19-8.

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Figure 19-8. K3b mirrors the look and feel of Windows CD-burning programs, so is very easy to use.

Start K3b by selecting K ® Multimedia ® CD/DVD Burning. To burn a CD, click the New Audio CD Project icon. After this, it's simply a matter of using the topmost pane in the window to browse to your MP3 or Ogg collection, and then dragging the files down to the bottom part of the program window. As each track is added, keep an eye on the timeline display at the bottom of the window, which shows how many minutes have been taken up with the tracks on the disc. Remember that most blank CD-Rs can store around 74 minutes of audio, although some high-capacity discs can store 80 minutes. (Some older CD players are unable to read 80-minute discs, so you might consider sticking to 74 minutes.)

Once your compilation is complete, click the Burn icon on the toolbar (the icon that looks like a CD that is on fire). After this, you'll be prompted to set the writing speed as well as various other details; in most cases, the defaults should be fine. When you're ready, ensure there's a suitable blank CD-R disc in the drive, and then click the Burn button.


As with any kind of CD production on a PC, it's not a good idea to use your machine while it's burning a disc. This is because errors can be caused in the CD itself.

K3b can also copy audio CDs. All you need to do is select the option on the program's welcome screen, and then put the original CD in your CD/DVD-ROM drive and a blank CD in your CD-R/RW drive. Then follow the instructions on your screen.

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