Summarizing the Suite

The power of ProductX and most of the Company ABC product suite is on the server. Once integrated into an existing financial front end, all payment processing happens behind the scenes using the server plumbing provided to each merchant by Company ABC. Here, transactions are managed, sent, received, and reported on. In the end, the merchant saves money transaction by transaction and receives many other benefits awarded by each product in the product suite. For example, if a company uses Microsoft Great Plains to manage customer receivables, ProductX can help automate the receipt and transfer of all necessary funds by providing a means to transfer cash electronically . If that same accounting package is used to manage employee payroll, ProductX can automate the transactions of depositing those funds for each pay period.

Anything that can occur with a check, ProductX can handle electronically and seamlessly, saving the customer money. For credit cards or payment card options, Company ABC offers other product options, as well. With the power and flexibility of .NET, client-based customization is much easier and less expensive for the customer. Using the patterns provided here, I gave the Commercial Framework the ability to respond even more quickly to its customers' needs and to offer the kind of service this company has always dreamed of. Maybe Microsoft's marketing literature for .NET isn't so off base this time. Maybe with the right discipline behind it, we really have reached the programming and technology pinnacle. Only time with tell.

.NET Patterns. Architecture, Design, and Process
.NET Patterns: Architecture, Design, and Process
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