Linux Naming Conventions Used in This Book

In this book we use several abbreviations for SUSE and Red Hat products, as well as for the Security-enhanced Linux kernel from NSA.

  • Security-enhanced Linux is abbreviated SELinux.

  • SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server is abbreviated SLES, and you will see frequent mention of SLES8, SLES9 and SLES8/9. SUSE products include:

    • SUSE LINUX 9.1 Personal

    • SUSE LINUX 9.1 Professional

    • SUSE LINUX Desktop

    • SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 8

    • SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9

    • SUSE LINUX Openexchange Server 4.1

  • Red Hat products are also referred to by their abbreviated forms. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 3.0 is referred to as RHEL, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3.0 is called RHAS. Red Hat Linux products include:

    • Red Hat Linux 9

    • Red Hat Fedora Core 1

    • Red Hat Fedora Core 2

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 3.0

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3.0

The authors would especially like to thank Red Hat Linux and Novell (the new owners of SUSE) for their support, most valued assistance, and generous access to products that made possible the preparation of this book.

Hardening Linux
Hardening Linux
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