Conventions and Features in This Book

This book presents information using conventions designed to make the information more readable and easier to follow. This book also includes features that contribute to a deeper understanding of the material.


  • Each exercise is a series of tasks. Each task is presented as a series of numbered steps. If a task has only one step, the step is indicated by a round bullet.

  • Notes labeled “Tip” provide more information for completing a step successfully.

  • Notes labeled “Important” alert you to information you need to check before continuing.

  • Text that you are to type appears in bold.

  • Terms are displayed in italics the first time they are defined.

  • A plus sign (+) between two key names means that you must press those keys at the same time. For example, Press Alt+Tab means that you hold down the Alt key while you press the Tab key.

Other Features of This Book

You can learn special techniques, background information, or features related to the information being discussed by reading the shaded sidebars that appear throughout the lessons. These sidebars often highlight difficult terminology or suggest future areas for exploration.

You can get a quick reminder of how to perform the tasks you learned by reading the Quick Reference at the end of a lesson.

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