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This chapter has shown you various techniques for working with COM+ subscriptions from a .NET component and managed application. Subscriptions are exceptionally useful for tasks such as broadcasting data. As youve learned, a subscription is a technique that a publisher (server) uses to communicate event information to subscribers ( clients ).

One of the best ways to learn about this technology is to spend time creating simple components that output events of various types. Youve learned about the essential transaction types in this chapter, but it helps to spend additional time working with the types of events you expect to use in your production applications.

Chapter 11 moves from the desktop to Web-based applications. Some developers might wonder why its even necessary to consider this scenario given that many companies are moving to Web services. The Web services technology can replace COM+ in many situations. For example, Web services represent a better way to work with direct, real-time communication needs. However, COM+ still has a lot to offer in this area, and youll find that Microsoft has enhanced COM+ 1.5 to provide better Web services functionality. In general, any time you need to provide subscription-based or nonreal time communication, COM+ is the perfect solution for your Web-based application.

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COM Programming with Microsoft .NET
COM Programming with Microsoft .NET
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