Developing a Process for Refining the Customer Service Plan

The goal of a customer service plan is to capture current and accurate feedback from the customer and to utilize this feedback to constantly refine and improve the entire customer service program. There are six key principles to remember about customer feedback:

  1. Feedback is tied to service goals.

  2. It is both qualitative and quantitative.

  3. Feedback is immediate.

  4. It goes to the person performing the job or task.

  5. It goes to all levels of the organization, when relevant.

  6. Feedback is graphically represented for greater impact and understanding.

But there are three crucial questions that must be asked when eliciting feedback: What should we stop doing? What should we start doing? What should we continue doing?

The development and implementation of a superior measurement system requires a lot of effort. It also may take several months of refinement before it provides the information needed by the company. But without superior assessment, superior customer service is not likely.

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