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The following example illustrates the analysis of both a single-server and a multiple-server queuing system, including the determination of the operating characteristics for each system.

Problem Statement

The new accounts loan officer of the Citizens Northern Savings Bank interviews all customers for new accounts. The customers desiring to open new accounts arrive at the rate of 4 per hour , according to a Poisson distribution, and the accounts officer spends an average of 12 minutes with each customer, setting up a new account.

  1. Determine the operating characteristics ( P , L , L q , W , W q , and P w ) for this system.

  2. Add an additional accounts officer to the system described in this problem so that it is now a multiple-server queuing system with two channels and determine the operating characteristics required in part A.


Step  1.
Determine Operating Characteristics for the Single-Server System

Step  2.
Determine the Operating Characteristics for the Multiple-Server System

l = 4 customers per hr. arrive

µ = 5 customers per hr. are served

c = 2 servers

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