A.7 Customer Services Manager (CS Mgr)

A.7 Customer Services Manager (CS Mgr)


A relevant BS degree preferred. As an alternative, candidates with previous experience in IT may also qualify. The quality of the experience as demonstrated by achievement may compensate for lack of formal education.


Generally, two years of satisfactory work experience in related area and approximately 8 “12 years of job experience to date, which includes exposure to relevant commercial, administrative, or industrial work environments. Experience must have included a position of responsibility that provided insight into service delivery from both a user and provider viewpoint.


  • Demonstrates a good understanding of the organization's policy framework, technical environment, management structures, and procedures for service delivery.

  • Demonstrates ability in the responsible management of service delivery and excellent communication and negotiation skills.

Performance Expectations

  • Manages staff teams to deliver the quantity and quality of services delivered according to written level of service agreements between users and suppliers for a defined organizational unit.

  • Defines the mapping of services to users to establish the structure of service level agreements for the organization; ensures that a catalogue of all available services is created and maintained .

  • Determines service level requirements for each area subject to an agreement using specialist planners and experts where necessary.

  • For each service level agreement: negotiates cost-effective service levels such as quantity (hours, times, throughput, consumable) and quality (availability, reliability, performance, capacity for growth, user support, contingency, security) and obtains signatures to the service level agreements.

  • Monitors service levels achieved, ensures records are maintained and analyzed , initiates actions, and issues reports on achievement to users, providers, and management.

  • Periodically reviews all service level agreements to ensure continued meeting of targets in a cost-effective manner and to balance overall user requirements with current and planned services.

  • Manages help desk operations

    • Schedule 24 — 7 help desk coverage.

    • Ensure all service levels are met.

    • Ensure closure on all escalated problem calls.

    • Manage OSA desk-side operations.

    • Schedule OSA coverage.

    • Ensure all service levels are met.

  • Manages own time effectively to respond to user requests in a timely fashion and provide users with agreed levels of service.

  • Demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills with users/customers, colleagues, and immediate management.

Training and Development

  • Maintains knowledge of all relevant aspects of IS and expands areas of specialty knowledge (e.g., quality management, availability management, capacity planning, contingency planning, facilities management).

  • Seeks knowledge of all software and hardware products and services that may affect future strategy or policies.

  • Obtains management and financial training in order to establish a good understanding of the context within which investment recommendations are made.

  • Increases knowledge of IT and its uses within the organization.

  • Increases professional knowledge and awareness by reading and participating in technical activities outside of immediate employment.

  • Successfully completes trial experiences that involve those skills of higher competency required at the next level of advancement.

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