9.5 Cost Management

9.5 Cost Management

Sched or On Dmnd  

The "S" indicator states that this work package is slated to be performed on a routine (scheduled) basis. The determination was made because cost tracking needs to be performed on a regular basis to maintain books. There are cost reports that need to be prepared and distributed to the customers monthly. Even though there is a task, "Renew yearly transfer agreements," these agreements must be worked throughout the year in order to ensure the correct amount of money is being allocated and agreed upon.


This work package is performed (offered) five days a week, Monday “Friday, eight hours a day. This is not to say the work package will be worked 40 hours a week (8 — 5 = 40), but only that it should be performed sometime during this period. Cost management is a task that does not require off- hour support, therefore the determination of 8 — 5.

Skill Set  

Since this work package is centered around maintaining costs, tracking agreements, and preparing reports, we determine that a Sr. Clerk position would be appropriate. Our assumption here was that one of the management positions would be responsible for setting up the initial cost schedule and that the transfer agreements would be in place. This position would only be responsible for maintaining these items.


Since this work package is offered 8 — 5, the frequency was determined to be 260 days. That is the average number of workdays in a year.


This work package will be estimated based on the number of hours in a day that is needed to support cost management. The "day" unit was chosen because this is an ongoing type of support function that, on average, has time spent on its activity each day.

Clerk Effort Hrs/UOM  

For the Cost Management work packages we estimate two hours a day would be spent on these tasks , based on the number of customers we support and the associated number of transfer agreements we have to maintain.

Total Clerk  

This is a calculation of the frequency column (260) times the Clerk Effort Hrs column (2) which equals 560 hours. This is the estimate of the total hours per year that we projected would be spent on this work package.

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