6.4 Customer Satisfaction

6.4 Customer Satisfaction

We define customer satisfaction as a measurement of how well the organization is performing from the customer's perspective. Having defined an agreed upon level of service for each customer gives them a clear understanding on which to base their satisfaction with the ISD organization. Not having this clear understanding, customers could be basing their satisfaction on a service not even provided. For example, "Office Printer Support" might not be a service provided by the ISD organization, but provided by another organization or maybe provided internally by the customers themselves . The office printer might need to have the ink drum changed. The customer places a call to the help desk and requests this service. Instead of the help desk just rejecting the customer on this request, they can now refer to the service model and inform the customer that this is a service not provided per the agreed service model and LOS.

The service model provides a framework for the development of metrics, against which the organization is rated. This documents a clear understanding for both the customer and supplier of expectation levels in key areas. The metrics not only spell out expectations of the supplier, but those of the customer as well. For example, "Skills Achievement" of the employees using the applications can be a metrics to judge the knowledge level of the employees (customers) using the applications. This could be rated against a certification test that each employee must take. Ensuring that the employees are trained and understand the applications they are working in will increase the customer satisfaction level.

When the service model is taken to the next step, a tier support level document is developed that shows not only what services are provided by the organization, but also outlines all the services required by the customers and shows the service provider for each service.

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