Introducing DataGrids and Item Renderers

Using a DataGrid as a way to display the data of your application will provide the largest possible number of options for your users to interact with the data. At the simplest level, the DataGrid organizes the data in a column-by-row format and presents this to the user. From there, the DataGrid can be configured to allow you to modify the data it contains.

In this lesson, you will make modifications to two of the applications. The first is the Dashboard application, in which you will look to use the DataGrid for purely display purposes. The second is the EComm application, in which the DataGrid will give you a view of the cart and the ability to both update and remove items from the cart.


Although the DataGrid does provide the most versatile manner of interacting with the data of your application, it does come with additional overhead (performance and size). It is wise to consider what you expect the user to do with the data/control before you automatically choose to use a DataGrid.

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