This book teaches you basic relational database principles so you can run Microsoft Access successfully. It explains commonly used Access features that can be difficult to grasp, particularly those that present a theoretical or conceptual problem. It analyzes key Access wizards so you understand what they actually do and how you can modify their output. Overall, the book is aimed at readers who have run Access a little or a lot, but who still feel they don't "get" how the program works. It uses a relaxed, conversational style; imperfect but helpful analogies; loads of hands-on, step-by-step, annotated examples; and a little humor to teach you relational database theory, describe the program's essential features, and unravel Access mysteries that can cause you much grief.

Hands-On Microsoft Access(c) A Practical Guide to Improving Your Access Skills
Hands-On Microsoft Access: A Practical Guide to Improving Your Access Skills
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