special thanks to: kelly luger (wynken); richard d. anderson (macgyver); michael pheiffer (milph); cindy hojczyk; julia schwass (red wench/script-kitten); patrick mccoy (paterooni); crystal minson (crysco grease bucket); mom; dad; my brothers matt, mark, and marshall; all of my co-workers for working harder on all the days i missed work to focus on this project (hahaha!) and everyone at (you know who you are; names have been removed to protect the innocent).

thanks to everyone at sams publishing and pearson education: shelley johnston and jenny watson, whom i worked closest with, and everyone else involved.

contributions: timothy boronczyk (bluephoenix), ryan gregory, jason jenkins (reno), douglas tyler (html artist), lily feng (pump fart), eric b. wolf (nawlej), jeremy jack (plik), corey spitzer (monkey), and brent hallahan (maverik).

i would like to dedicate this book to: james hunt (frog), a better php programmer than i, and if it weren't for him the idea for this book may have never surfaced :-)

Tapeworm - 1337 Hax or Handbook
Tapeworm - 1337 Hax or Handbook
Year: 2005
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