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About This Book

The purpose of writing this book is twofold. To help you:

  1. Understand the COM/COM+ architecture, and

  2. Explore the services provided by COM+ 1.0.

In order to achieve the stated goals, I have presented the material from a developer s perspective. I have illustrated the key concepts by writing some simple applications using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Platform SDK (January 2000), and ATL 3.0. This book provides enough C++ code and tools to enable the readers to be more productive and to carry out further research.

As we progress through unfolding the COM+ architecture and services, I first present one or more software-engineering problems at hand, and then discuss the solution that COM+ has to offer. Whenever applicable, code snippets are provided to illustrate and explain the concepts.

In an attempt to focus on COM+ 1.0 architecture and services, I have refrained from including material that is not of any practical importance. Consequently, I do not discuss the origin and history of COM, or even Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), a precursor to COM+ 1.0. However, whenever possible, I have touched upon the new services that are being planned for the future release of COM+ (COM+ 1.x).

Throughout the book, I have identified important points and tips for effec-tive COM+ programming. The pad and pencil icon marks the important notes:


The light bulb icon flags the tip:


COM+ Programming. A Practical Guide Using Visual C++ and ATL
COM+ Programming. A Practical Guide Using Visual C++ and ATL
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