Part III: Essential Services Administration

Chapter List

Chapter 9: Managing FTP Servers
Chapter 10: Configuring and Maintaining E-Mail Services
Chapter 11: Advanced E-Mail Service Configuration Options
Chapter 12: Administering the Indexing Service

Part Overview

This part of the book focuses on the administration of essential services. By essential services, we mean those services you’ll deploy time and again on your Web servers. Chapter 9 covers techniques for managing File Transfer Protocol (FTP). You’ll find information on configuring FTP servers, controlling access to directories, managing user sessions, and maintaining FTP server security. Chapter 10 discusses key issues related to working with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) e-mail services. With POP3 e-mail services, you can receive incoming mail on your Web server. Chapter 11 continues this discussion with a look at advanced configuration issues. Chapter 12 examines indexing services. You’ll learn to configure the Indexing Service, to create and manage catalogs, to optimize performance, and to test the indexing installation.

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Microsoft IIS 6.0Administrator's Consultant
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