Backing Up SharePoint Sites with Templates

Another technique for backing up and restoring information in a site is to save the site to a site template and then use that template to create a new site. This technique is convenient because it allows you to restore a site to a new location.


The downside to backing up sites using templates is that a Site Template file has a hard limit of 10MB. If your site is larger than 10MB, you will not be able to use this approach.

To back up an existing site to a template so that it can be restored elsewhere, perform the following steps:


From the site home page, click Site Settings on the top link bar.


Under the Administration section, click Go to Site Administration.


Under Management and Statistics, click Save site as template.


Enter a filename for the STP file and a title and description for the template file. To fully back up the site, you will also need to select the check box Include content, as shown in Figure 24.6.

Figure 24.6. Backing up a site to a Site Template file.


Click OK to finish the procedure.

Once you have saved the site as a template, you can use that same template to restore the site to a different location. In addition, you can transfer the STP file to another server running Windows SharePoint Services and restore it to that server. For more information on creating a site from a template, see Lesson 23.


In addition to the methods described in this chapter, several very good third-party tools are available that provide backup and restore capabilities for individual SharePoint sites or entire site collections. Backup software by Veritas and AvePoint allow for advanced features such as document-level recovery and individual document library backups. It would be wise to examine some of these products as part of a complete SharePoint solution.

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