Advanced Exercises


Which commands can you use to take a paragraph from one file and insert it in a second file?


Create a file that contains the following list, and then execute commands from within vim to sort the list and display it in two columns. (Hint: Refer to page 817 for more information on pr.)

Command mode Input mode Last Line mode Work buffer General-Purpose buffer Named buffer Regular Expression Search String Replacement String Startup File Repeat Factor


How do the Named buffers differ from the General-Purpose buffer?


Assume that your version of vim does not support multiple Undo commands. If you delete a line of text, then delete a second line, and then a third line, which commands would you use to recover the first two lines that you deleted?


Which command would you use to swap the words hither and yon on any line with any number of words between them? (You need not worry about special punctuation, just uppercase and lowercase letters and spaces.)

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A Practical Guide to UNIX for Mac OS X Users
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