Appendix B. Help

B. Help


  • Solving a Problem 908

  • Finding Related Information 909

  • Documentation 909

  • Useful UNIX Sites 910

  • Mac OS X Newsgroups and Forums 913

  • Mailing Lists 911

  • Words 911

  • Software 912

  • Specifying a Terminal 913

You need not act as a user or system administrator in isolation. A large community of Mac OS X experts is willing to assist you in learning about, helping you solve your problems with, and getting the most out of OS X. Before you ask for help, however, make sure you have done everything you can to solve the problem by yourself. No doubt someone has experienced the same problem before you and the answer to your question can be found somewhere on the Internet. Your job is to find it. This appendix lists resources and describes methods that can help you in that task.

A Practical Guide to UNIX[r] for Mac OS[r] X Users
A Practical Guide to UNIX for Mac OS X Users
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