Chapter 13: Migrating VB 6.0 Add-ins to .NET

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In this chapter I have tried to combine functionality from almost every chapter. You saw several examples of code manipulation, manipulation of windows, and generation of code. You saw code generation in both Visual Basic and C#.

In this chapter, you built what I hope you consider to be a useful add-in. It should be just the start from which you continue to build additional features. The methods and classes contained in the project form a framework for future development. The project for the add-in contains all of the reusable objects that you have created in the book.

In Chapter 13, you will see how to migrate a VB 6.0 add-in to Visual Basic .NET. You will see that the way you have built your add-ins in VB 6.0 will determine the amount of code that you will be able to migrate without changes as you move to .NET.

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Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio  .NET
Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio .NET
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