Watermarks and backgrounds are an easy and safe way to add a corporate identity to your document or to protect your copyrights.

The Add Watermark & Background dialog (choose Document, Add Watermark & Background to display the dialog) has all you need to create a custom text watermark or background. The only difference between these two elements is that a watermark shows on top of the page and a background shows behind it. You can select font, font size, font color, alignment, transparency level, and even a rotation angle. If you prefer to use an imagea corporate logo, for exampleyou can import it and scale it appropriately. Images can be BMPs, JPEGs, or PDF files. Transparency and rotation controls also apply to them (see Figure 42.8).

Figure 42.8. You can apply a watermark or background to only selected pages in your document.

Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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