All components of the Creative Suite share the elegant and simple Common Adobe User Interface, including similarand in some cases identicaltools, palettes, and menu items. Illustrator, the predecessor and, in its twelfth version with CS2, the most mature of them all, has its own unique place in Creative Suite. Owing to its rainbow of professional illustration, graphic design, technical, and Web uses, it has palettes and features unlike anything found in InDesign, Photoshop, and GoLive.

Illustrator's creative freedom, precision, and element reuse is, for lack of a better term, unprecedented. What once required dozens of duplicate objects can now be created in a single, editable instance with the Appearance paletteand totally redesigned and restored on a whim. Nested a dozen levels deep, even the smallest path in the most complex document can be isolated and edited accurately without fear of accidentally changing surrounding or even containing objects and paths. And, with graphic styles, hours of intricate designs and careful construction can be replicated infinitely with a single mouse click.

When a new project rises or boredom begins to seep in, the entire workspace can be reconfiguredwith the ability to return always assured. Customizable and multiple palette arrangements, windows, and views make any comfort level, any work habit, within reach of a menu.

Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
ISBN: 0789733676
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 426
Authors: Michael Smick

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