Chapter 19. Internationalization and Localization

    Section 19.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 19.1.  Listing Available Locales

    Recipe 19.2.  Using a Particular Locale

    Recipe 19.3.  Setting the Default Locale

    Recipe 19.4.  Localizing Text Messages

    Recipe 19.5.  Localizing Dates and Times

    Recipe 19.6.  Localizing Currency Values

    Recipe 19.7.  Localizing Images

    Recipe 19.8.  Localizing Included Files

    Recipe 19.9.  Managing Localization Resources

    Recipe 19.10.  Using gettext

    Recipe 19.11.  Setting the Character Encoding of Outgoing Data

    Recipe 19.12.  Setting the Character Encoding of Incoming Data

    Recipe 19.13.  Manipulating UTF-8 Text

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