Chapter 7. Classes and Objects

    Section 7.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 7.1.  Instantiating Objects

    Recipe 7.2.  Defining Object Constructors

    Recipe 7.3.  Defining Object Destructors

    Recipe 7.4.  Implementing Access Control

    Recipe 7.5.  Preventing Changes to Classes and Methods

    Recipe 7.6.  Defining Object Stringification

    Recipe 7.7.  Specifying Interfaces

    Recipe 7.8.  Creating Abstract Base Classes

    Recipe 7.9.  Assigning Object References

    Recipe 7.10.  Cloning Objects

    Recipe 7.11.  Overriding Property Accesses

    Recipe 7.12.  Calling Methods on an Object Returned by Another Method

    Recipe 7.13.  Aggregating Objects

    Recipe 7.14.  Accessing Overridden Methods

    Recipe 7.15.  Using Method Polymorphism

    Recipe 7.16.  Defining Class Constants

    Recipe 7.17.  Defining Static Properties and Methods

    Recipe 7.18.  Controlling Object Serialization

    Recipe 7.19.  Introspecting Objects

    Recipe 7.20.  Checking if an Object Is an Instance of a Specific Class

    Recipe 7.21.  Autoloading Class Files upon Object Instantiation

    Recipe 7.22.  Instantiating an Object Dynamically

    Recipe 7.23.  Program: whereis

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