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Apple Pro Training Series Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7
By Martin Sitter
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: January 18, 2005
ISBN: 0-321-25614-X
Pages: 608

   Getting Started
      The Methodology
      About the Apple Pro Training Series
      System Requirements
      Installing Logic
      Copying the Logic Lesson Files
      Apple Pro Certification Program
   Logic Overview
      Lesson 1.  Exploring the Workspace
      Launching Logic
      Opening a Song File
      Getting to Know the Arrange Window
      Moving the Song Position Line
      Setting a Tempo
      About the Arrange Window Channel Strip
      Using DSP Plug-ins
      Using Audio Instruments
      Using Channel Strip Settings
      Bouncing a Song
      What You've Learned
      Lesson 2.  Exploring the Editing Windows
      Getting to Know the Editing Windows
      Working with Windows
      Linking Windows
      Using Screensets
      What You've Learned
      Lesson 3.  Understanding Workflow Techniques
      Creating a New Song
      Importing Audio into the Arrange Window
      Importing MIDI into the Arrange Window
      Zooming and Magnifying
      Selecting with the Arrow Tool
      Rubber-Band Selecting
      Using the Cycle Mode
      Using the Skip Cycle Mode
      Dividing Regions
      Moving and Copying Regions
      Naming Regions
      Hiding Tracks (Logic Pro Only)
      Using the Catch Function
      Using Scroll in Play
      Using Key Commands
      What You've Learned
   Creating a Song
      Lesson 4.  Editing Audio Regions
      Exploring the Audio Window
      Using the Sample Editor
      Auditioning Audio
      Adding Audio Files to the Arrangement
      Editing Audio Regions
      Setting a Region's Anchor Point
      Repeating Audio Regions
      Working with Sampling Rates
      Working with Tempo and Audio Regions
      Using Folders
      Saving the Song as a Project
      What You've Learned
      Lesson 5.  Working with Apple Loops
      Taking a First Look at Apple Loops
      Working with Tracks
      Looping Objects in the Arrange Window
      Using the Loop Browser
      Using the Global Tempo Track
      Finishing the Arrangement
      What You've Learned
      Lesson 6.  Editing MIDI in the Matrix Editor
      Getting Ready to Edit MIDI
      Exploring the Matrix Editor
      Using HyperDraw
      What You've Learned
      Lesson 7.  Editing MIDI in the Hyper Editor and Event List
      Exploring the Hyper Editor
      Using Hyper Sets
      Exploring the Event List Editor
      What You've Learned
      Lesson 8.  Recording
      Setting Up the Metronome
      Setting a Count-in
      Recording MIDI
      Filtering MIDI Input
      Using Capture Last Take (Logic Pro Only)
      Setting Audio Options
      Getting Ready to Record
      Merging Recordings
      Cleaning Up After Recording
      What You've Learned
      Lesson 9.  Mixing
      Setting Volume Levels
      Using the Track Mixer
      Exploring the Fader Area
      Creating Fades
      Using Sends
      Monitoring System Performance
      Using the Freeze Function
      What You've Learned
      Lesson 10.  Automating the Mix
      Using Track Automation
      Using Live Automation
      What You've Learned
   Customizing Your Setup
      Lesson 11.  Setting Up the MIDI Environment
      Getting Started in Logic's Environment Window
      Activating Logic's Sequencer
      Creating a Standard Instrument
      Creating a Multi Instrument
      Using Instruments
      What You've Learned
      Lesson 12.  Setting Up the Audio Environment
      Configuring Audio Hardware and Drivers
      Exploring the Audio Configuration Window (Logic Pro Only)
      Using Audio Objects
      Exploring Audio Object Parameters
      Looking at the Channel View
      Finishing the Autoload Song
      What You've Learned
   Logic for Video Editors
      Lesson 13.  Working with Video in Logic Pro
      Understanding Video Files and Logic
      Using the Global Video Track
      Working with the Movie's Audio
      Working with SMPTE Timecode
      Scoring to Video
      Exporting Audio to Movies
      What You've Learned
      Lesson 14.  Working with Surround Sound
      Configuring the Playback System
      Configuring Logic
      Using the Surround Control
      Finishing a Surround Mix
      What You've Learned
      Appendix. Round-Trip Production
      Content Creation Workflows with Apple's Professional Applications
      Effects and Graphics
      Music and Audio
      Workgroup Collaboration

Apple Pro Training Series Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7
Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7
ISBN: 032125614X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 197
Authors: Martin Sitter

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