The speed at which a piece of music is played, measured in beats per minute. You can create and edit tempo changes in the Global Tempo track.

Text tool

A tool for naming Audio and MIDI Regions.

time signature

Two numerals separated by a diagonal bar that appear at the beginning of a song. Common time signatures are 4/4 and 2/4. The first number denotes the number of notes in a measure, or bar. The second number denotes a unit of time for each beat. With a 2/4 signature, each bar has two beats; each beat is a quarter note long.


To change the length of an Audio Region without changing its pitch. You can do this in the Arrange window or Sample Editor by using menu or key commands.


The box on the left edge of Logic's editing windows that holds editing tools.


A row in the Arrange window that contains a collection of MIDI or Audio Regions that can be played back. Each track has a specified destination where the data will go.

Track Automation

Used for programming control changes that are not necessarily tied to a specific Region, such as a volume fade or a cutoff sweep. Track Automation allows you to quickly find and automate any plug-in parameter. It has its own recording system, which functions independently of Logic's other recording features.

Track List

A list to the left of the Arrange window's Arrange area that displays the Objects assigned to various tracks as well as the Track buttons. Sometimes called the Track column.

Track Mixer

A virtual mixing console used to position Logic's tracks. It mirrors the number and order of tracks in the Arrange window. Using this window, you can also change a track's volume or panorama (pan) position, insert DSP effects, or mute and solo channels.

Transform window

An editor used to select and modify various aspects of MIDI events according to user-defined parameters.

Transport panel

An area in the top left of the Arrange window that holds buttons used to control Logic's playback and recording functions. These buttons (Record, Pause, Play, Stop, Rewind, Forward) work the same way as the control buttons on a cassette deck or recordable audio CD player.

Transport window

A window that contains controls for recording and playback functions. It contains the same settings as the Transport panel as well as other settings.

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