Can ActiveX controls created with Visual C++ 6 be used within Visual Studio .NET?


Definitely. If you use VB .NET or C# .NET and Windows Forms, the process is rather trivial. However, because Visual C++ .NET does not contain some of the Rapid Application Design (RAD) tools the other .NET languages have, the process is a little more complicated.


How can I inspect the globally unique identifiers (GUIDs), interface identifiers (IIDs), interfaces, and coclasses that are generated in the type library from an assembly manifest?


Use the OleView tool provided with Visual Studio .NET. Once you run the tool, select File, View Typelib from the main menu and navigate to your generated type library.


The RegAsm tool creates a type library, but COM servers can only be DLLs or EXEs. What's going on?


This is where you can see the CCW firsthand. If open the Registry and look for the CLSID you found with OleView, you'll notice that the InprocServer32 Registry value is mscoree.dll. This file will create a CCW for your .NET object that can be used by COM clients.


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