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molecular computing
Molecular Computing
by Tanya Sienko, Andrew Adamatzky, Nicholas G. Rambidi and Michael Conrad (eds) ISBN:0262194872
The MIT Press 2003 (257 pages)

This text covers abstract principles of molecular computing and the building of actual systems. Topics include the use of proteins and other molecules for information processing, molecular recognition, computation in nonlinear media, and more.

Table of Contents
Molecular Computing
In Memoriam
Introduction—What Is Molecular Computing?
Chapter 1 - Conformation-Based Computing—A Rationale and a Recipe
Chapter 2 - Molecular Recognition—Storage and Processing of Molecular Information
Chapter 3 - Computing in Reaction-Diffusion and Excitable Media—Case Studies of Unconventional Processors
Chapter 4 - Chemical-Based Computing and Problems of High Computational Complexity—The Reaction-Diffusion Paradigm
Chapter 5 - DNA Computing and Its Frontiers
Chapter 6 - Bioelectronics and Protein-Based Optical Memories and Processors
Chapter 7 - Bioelectronics and Biocomputers
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Molecular Computing
Molecular Computing
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