7.4 Summary

7.4 Summary

One of the most important elements of problem solving is information. Without the proper information, problems cannot be solved to any degree of accuracy. Solely using gut feelings to solve problems can often cause more problems than are solved. We need to measure in order to do the following:

  • Know where we are in relation to where we were supposed to be;

  • Know trends;

  • Predict future status;

  • Facilitate comparison and benchmarking;

  • Plan new projects;

  • Understand and model the impact of driving factors behind performance;

  • Find and give priority to improvement actions;

  • Verify effects of actions and relate these effects to goals.

Measurements and models by themselves do not result in good decisions. They do not replace thinking, knowledge, and good judgment, but they do provide the objective foundation that good project managers need in order to make quality decisions.

Running the Successful Hi-Tech Project Office
Running the Successful Hi-Tech Project Office (Artech House Technology Management Library)
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