OCI Documents for Remote Shopping

OCI Documents for Remote Shopping

The OCI 2.0b protocol for remote shopping, defined by SAP and adopted by Commerce One to supplement their xCBL implementations, uses HTTP by itself for initiating and terminating remote shopping sessions, without embedding XML documents within the HTTP documents. The relevant HTTP documents defined by OCI 2.0b are:

OCI Document Description
Outbound Request The Outbound Request document is an HTTP GET request that communicates the required information in its query string parameters. This includes information about the customer and the trading partner, including the URL at which the trading partner is expecting the Inbound Request to be posted.

Note that, unlike its cXML counterpart, the Outbound Request does not provide a way to specify a particular product.

Inbound Request The Inbound Request document is an HTTP POST request that communicates the results of the remote shopping session from the supplier's Web site back to the trading partner's buyer application. It uses one or more sets of form fields to communicate information about the products chosen, using field names of the following forms (where "n" is replaced by ascending numbers beginning with "1"):
  • NEW_ITEM-QUANTITY[n] – number of this product ordered – required.
  • NEW_ITEM-UNIT[n] – unit in which this product is sold– required.
  • NEW_ITEM-PRICE[n] – price of this product – required.
  • NEW_ITEM-CURRENCY[n] – currency of product's price – required.
  • NEW_ITEM-DESCRIPTION[n] – product description – optional, if EXT_PRODUCT_ID is provided.
  • NEW_ITEM-EXT_PRODUCT_ID[n] –supplier's product identifier – optional, if DESCRIPTION is provided.

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