Microsoft® .NET Server Solutions for the Enterprise


By James Wilson

This book presents a practical guide that enables enterprise customers to take advantage of Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers. The focus is on providing solutions to common e-business problems faced by medium to large enterprises. Today, Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers provide solutions to a broad array of scenarios. To address this large market segment, we compiled an anthology of scenarios under common e-business topics, such as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Business-to-Business (B2B) Integration, Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Integration, and Wireless Integration. To complete the picture, we close with a sneak preview of the emerging vision for the .NET e-business framework and the compelling solutions you can expect in the near future.

The figure on the inside cover of the book shows the customer's perspective of the .NET Enterprise Servers framework, and how these servers fit into your overall business processes. Throughout these pages we emphasize the customer's perspective and integrated solutions using .NET Enterprise Servers together.

Various authors and many technical experts contributed to this book. The format of each section and chapter is similar, while the content within each chapter varies in detail and style to illustrate a unique solution to a specific problem. This book is not intended to be read from start to finish. Part 1 gives you an introduction and an overview of the .NET Enterprise Servers. The remaining parts and chapters can be read according to your specific interests.

Each part begins with an introductory chapter that covers key issues and common problems encountered in developing e-business solutions. The following chapters in each part provide a discussion of a specific business scenario in a standard format. Each chapter begins with a Scenario that presents the business problem to be solved from the customer's perspective. The next section describes a conceptual Solution to the problem. A description of specific Tools and Technologies required to address the problem follows, showing you which server products to install, prerequisites and so forth. The Implementation section describes "what to do" to implement the solution. The details for how to configure each server product are left to the individual product documentation sets. For some scenarios, we provide sample code and snippets to demonstrate how you can quickly and easily implement solutions using the .NET Enterprise Servers and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET together. Finally, we provide pointers for where you can go for additional information.

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