Visual Studio .NET is a development toolset for building Windows-based and Web-based applications. Some of the tools it includes are Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Visual C++. Visual Studio .NET allows you to create multilingual applications for any language supported in either the .NET Framework run time or in the Windows operating system. Visual Studio also includes features such as a Unicode-enabled design-time environment and Unicode-enabled run-time components.

In terms of international support, with the Visual Studio editor, you can open and save files in any character encoding that is supported on the operating system. The localization project model in Visual Basic and Visual C# allows you to create Windows Forms and ASP.NET Web projects with multilingual resources and dynamic language switching. Moreover, with Visual Studio you can create deployment projects in nine languages. Additional international capabilities include Visual C++ support for various character encodings, and support for locale-sensitive functions such as string processing and sorting, in addition to currency, date, and time formatting. Lastly, ATL Server has international features that allow configuration of server processing with locale and code-page tags in server response files, as well as support for creating Web pages encoded in UTF-8.

Microsoft Corporation - Developing International Software
Developing International Software
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